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Why You’ll Love This Job

Just to tell you a little more about the internship, We have quite a few pre-PA, pre-Pt, pre-med, nursing etc students in our internship because it’s a fun way to get patient care hours since patients are coming in on a regular basis and it’s an opportunity to really build connections with patients.    
Our goals with the internship include:
1.  Get students started in the medical field without experience
2.  Get students earning patient care hours. . .during our 1 year internship they can earn up to 900 hours.
3.  Have our PT’s get to know the student so they can do their recommendation and really build a trust and rapport with them.
4.  Help students have experiences with patients where they build a professional relationship and be part of a team and see the progress that they can write about on their Grad school applications.
5.  Help students have experiences with patients that prepare them for interviews.
6.  Students may fulfill an internship requirement for their major or earn 4 credit hours at either BYU or UVU.
I will be starting a new group of students on Jan 8th who would need to do a couple of training sessions before that.

This is a paid internship. . .but it is an internship and is not highly paid.

If this sounds like something you are looking for, would you be available to come to our Provo location and interview?



  • Help physical therapist provide care to patients
  • Ensure clients are being seen in a timely manner with no backlogs
  • Provide supervised assistance to patients
  • Sanitize rooms after each client
  • Some admin and office tasks
  • Assist the therapist in administering patient care
  • Maintain a smooth flow of patients through the clinic and gym
  • With supervision, set up patients on modalities; assist with their exercise programs
  • Clean tables and equipment between patients
  • Assist with clerical and administrative tasks as needed
  • Perform some laundry duties

Skills & Qualifications

Required skills & qualifications:

  • H.S. graduate or GED
  • Great communication/interpersonal skills

Preferred but not required:

  • Working toward a physical therapy or AT degree
  • Knowledgeable of medical language

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