Physical Therapy Aide Job – Lanham, MD 86397

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Why You’ll Love This Job

Are you a Physical Therapy Aide with at least one year of experience and would like to be part of an innovative company that is changing the physical therapy industry? Would you enjoy working under the guidance of a skilled practice leader who is fully invested in your future? If so, we want you on the FYZICAL team in LanhamMD, as our Physical Therapy Aide!

At FYZICAL, we believe traditional approaches to care are not enough, so we ensure that every team member and specialist is given the chance to provide an essential element to our clients’ individualized treatment plans. With the freedom we give you to innovate, you can make a lasting impact that echoes throughout the industry. Add access to the latest in state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge tools, plus an unparalleled continuing education opportunity, and watch as your skills advance and your career flourishes.

Join the FYZICAL family to get on the path to success! Apply for our Physical Therapy Aide job opening today!

Bring your Physical Therapy Aide experience to a forward-thinking PT company where your input will have a lasting impact that reverberates throughout the physical therapy industry when you onboard as our Physical Therapy Aide in LanhamMD!

We aren’t your typical PT facility. Here, we approach things differently. You will find a practice leader that is invested in you and your success, and discover that you are a perfect fit on a champion team that innovates individually as well as collaborating together to discover the best approach for each client. Your career will benefit and grow as you work closely with other top-rated clinicians using state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge tools. Access to unparalleled continuing education will advance your skills and understanding of physical therapy, keeping you on the leading edge of your chosen field.

We are moving quickly into the future and want you to join us on that journey. Apply today for our Physical Therapy Aide job opening!


Job Responsibilities:

  • Work with clinicians, evaluating/diagnosing incoming patients
  • Create patient treatment plans; order testing
  • Appraise and keep clinicians up-to-date on client progress
  • Provide patients with information that encourages ongoing healthy habits
  • Upon goal completions, discharge client
  • Assist clinicians as they perform evaluation and diagnosis of new patients
  • Order diagnostic tests as needed
  • Develop and contribute to plans of treatment
  • Regularly evaluate and update clinicians on patient progress
  • Discharge patients when goals have been achieved
  • Educate patients on healthy practices that promote continued improvement

Skills & Qualifications

Required Skills & Qualifications:

  • Up-to-date NP or PA license
  • 1+ year(s) related experience
  • Pathology (diagnostic, treatment, medication) knowledge
  • Effective communicator; advanced interpersonal proficiency
  • Compassionate about clients and their families
  • Able to effectively work with various team members
  • Currently licensed as a Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant
  • At least 1 year of experience in a related healthcare field
  • Advanced knowledge of pathologies commonly seen in clinics, including diagnosing factors, treatments and medications
  • Excellent interpersonal skills; good communication via phone, electronic email, and face-to-face
  • Works well as part of an interdisciplinary team
  • Possess empathy for patients and family members

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Physical Therapy Aide Job – Waldorf, MD 29283

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Why You’ll Love This Job

Are you interested in or already on your path toward Physical Therapy school or a similar degree? Would you like to establish yourself with a world-class physical therapy company? If so, FYZICAL’s Rehab Technician position in Waldorf, MD, is the perfect fit for you!

Easily reach your career goals in this Rehab Technician role where you will have the support of professional clinicians and the cutting-edge tools you need to make your mark in the PT industry. Here, we take a non-traditional approach to healthcare, giving you, as part of our champion team, the freedom to innovate and make a real difference for our clients. State-of-the-art technology and access to unparalleled continuing education will advance your skills and understanding of physical therapy. Cutting-edge tools, like FYZICAL’s rail system, will give your clients the confidence to move forward and keep your career on the leading edge, too!

This is a fantastic opportunity to launch your career and rapidly advance! Apply for FYZICAL’s Rehab Technician job opening today!

Those with an interest in PT, current PTs or similar degree-seeking students are welcomed in this Rehab Technician role with the country’s leading physical therapy provider at our Waldorf, MD, location!

This is the perfect opportunity to get your foot in the door with a company where traditional approaches are not enough, where innovation is encouraged and where you can make a lasting impact on the healthcare industry. Learn new skills and increase your knowledge of PT with access to cutting-edge technology and on-the-job CE opportunities. Enjoy being part of a team meant to succeed together.

Grab this dynamic, career-changing position before it is gone! Apply for our Rehab Technician job opening today.


Rehab Technician job responsibilities include:

  • Help physical therapist provide care to patients
  • Ensure clients are being seen in a timely manner with no backlogs
  • Provide supervised assistance to patients
  • Sanitize rooms after each client
  • Some admin and office tasks
  • Assist the therapist in administering patient care
  • Maintain a smooth flow of patients through the clinic and gym
  • With supervision, set up patients on modalities; assist with their exercise programs
  • Clean tables and equipment between patients
  • Assist with clerical and administrative tasks as needed
  • Perform some laundry duties

Skills & Qualifications

Rehab Technician required skills & qualifications include:

  • H.S. graduate or GED
  • Great communication/interpersonal skills

Preferred but not required

  • Working toward a physical therapy or AT degree
  • Knowledgeable of medical language

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