PTA (Physical Therapy Assistant) Job – Katy, TX 125824

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Why You’ll Love This Job

Build a successful career as our Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) in Katy, Texas. Make a lasting impact as you take an active role in helping appreciative patients progress and reach their recovery goals with the backing of an outstanding, supportive staff. FYZICAL is a forward-thinking company that is setting a new high bar in the physical therapy field. We’re spelled different because we ARE different!

As a Physical Therapist Assistant with FYZICAL you will:

  • Have access to the latest cutting-edge technology and proprietary protocols as you work side-by-side with expert PTs, giving you a unique front-row seat to learning opportunities.
  • Have access to unparalleled continued education to increase your knowledge base. Including access to FYZICAL college, mentoring programs and certifications that count toward your license in the following areas: Orthopedic (Multi-region, Cervical-Thoracic Spine & Ribs, Lumbar Spine & Pelvis, Upper Quarter, Lower Quarter, TMJ, Hips, Foot & Ankle), Balance (Levels I, II & III), Concussions, BPPV, Dizziness, Pelvic Health & Wellness (Levels I & II).
  • Work directly with a leadership team seeking to expand FYZICAL in the Greater Houston Area and who are fully invested in your career development, leading to continued career growth opportunities.
  • Benefit from the satisfaction of being a valued member of a supportive and collaborative team of professionals making a lasting impact on our patients and our community.


  • Assist the PT in all aspects of patient care
  • Under the guidance of the PT, perform therapy techniques/exercises
  • Measure and track patient progress, informing PT of all changes
  • Help measure and track intervention effectiveness
  • Educate the patient on continuing care
  • Utilize timely patient flow in accordance with scheduled appointment times.
  • Promptly and thoroughly document and maintain clinical and administrative records, including but not limited to, daily notes, weekly reports, initial evaluations, treatment progress and responses, and discharge summaries.
  • Maintain confidentiality of patient personal health information in accordance with HIPAA compliance.
  • Adhere to company’s guidelines for billing of clinical and non-clinical services.
  • Adhere to the clinic mission, policies, standards, and goals.
  • Participate in educational workshops and presentations for community education.

Skills & Qualifications

FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Sarasota, Florida. With more than 450 locations in 45 states, from Florida to Alaska, FYZICAL is a champion in the physical therapy space as well as a leader in the future of health, wellness, and preventative care. FYZICAL offers a hands-on, personalized approach to comprehensive clinical care, including Fall Prevention, Orthopedic, Sport, Neurological, Manual Therapy, Vestibular rehabilitation and healthy lifestyle products and services.

FYZICAL strongly believes in supporting private practice, because private practice is built to support patients through relationships and connection — the cornerstone of our company’s culture. Members of the FYZICAL Family radiate excitement and enthusiasm for the future because our business model is transforming an industry dominated by big hospitals and corporations. From all across the nation—in large cities, rural communities, and small towns— FYZICAL teams are achieving amazing results for their patients and careers.

Private practice owners include physical therapists, otolaryngologists, audiologists and healthcare investors realizing the massive opportunity the FYZICAL business model presents, which provides them with business systems, operational support, clinical education, and proprietary technology and protocols.


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